Bonfire Banter

Bonfire Banter Podcast

Two friends talking banter about print, our journey of running a business and random distractions.

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Show Hosts​

Dene GibsonDene Gibson
Megan LeymanMegan Leyman



35 – General blog

We talk about blogging with our third guest on the podcast, Katie from Dotty and Dash. This is after Megan and Katie briefly talk about Animal Crossing, sorry Dene!
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34 – Insta houses

Dene and Megan talk with our guest on the podcast, Katie from Dotty and Dash about how she copes with social media. We go into what advice can she give.. you might be in for a surprise on what she says!
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33 – Prince or prints

After starting the episode briefly talking about the artist formally known as Prince, Megan has a chat with Katie about prints where one does physical while the other does digital.
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