15 – Okay, stuff!

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We return for another episode where we talk about what is coming in the new year from Dene and Matt! Dene and Matt talk workshops & meet-ups.

Dene talks about his Self-Improvement group that he set up at the start of 2019 that Matt has attended & supported. Dene reveals his 2019 plans with our editor, Jamie.

Matt talked about meet-ups that he has attended in the past such as Etsy Makers Northants, which Matt was a member of. Matt revealed his plan for a creative meet-up in 2019 that you will hear more about soon!

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Show Notes

Dene’s Twitter http://twitter.com/deneisme

Michael Wright (Matt’s old college friend not school friend as Matt originally stated)

Millennial Creative http://www.millennialcreative.co.uk/

Episode 4 “Lost Tooth” where Dene and Matt talked about The Prince’s Trust https://www.thegreatshows.com/podcasts/bonfire-banter/4-lost-tooth/

Toastmasters https://toastmasterclub.org/portal.php?page=-1&marknow=0

Adwords (now Google Ads) https://ads.google.com/

Bonfirecherry & Etsy Makers Northants https://bonfirecherry.com/blogs/news/bonfirecherry-etsy-makers-northants

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