41 – Let’s all go to the seaside!

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Megan and Dene have the talented Northampton based artist, Jean Edwards as a guest on this episode which is about how art is more popular around the seaside for local/small artists than anywhere else. 

What small thing has Northampton got with the seaside? 

We also go into the problems of selling items internationally now due to “our current situation”, how you can get creative with postcards and receive some back in return that you could redecorate your room with! 

Megan and Jean have known each other for the past few years, they go into how they first met each other in real life as a few years chatting online, good to meet fellow creatives in person! 

You can find out how Jean is by checking out her website https://jeanadrawingaday.com/ or by following on Instagram/Twitter. 

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