Christmas special 2020

For this year’s Christmas Special we are joined by Corrine West of Corrine West Media, a photographer and paranormal investigator (listen to our Halloween special to find more about that)!

Your Hosts

Megan, Dene and Corrine go into when they go into Christmas shopping mode and their gift idea recommendations such as a Christmas gift photoshoot (maybe having a photographer as a guest baited us to say it 😉 and much more!

When WAS the right time to buy your Christmas prezzies? Megan shares some responses we received to that question on twitter.

Factual Fanny is on a well deserved Christmas break so Megan provides the festive facts!

Find out more about Corrine West Media at

You can find Corrine on Facebook and Instagram which I recommend doing and following!

Sleigh bells sound effect sourced from GowlerMusic at under a creative commons attribution license.

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