Dene Gibson

2 – With Nick Marshall

Download File The boys from Dodger 7s, Dom, Jack & Neil are joined by the teams principal mental Heath partner. Nick Marshall (Marshalling Men’s Minds) set up the organisation back in June 2019 and has been providing support to Men suffering from mental health issues across the country and also working with his local community […]

1 – What am I doing?

In this inaugural episode I talk about the start of my journey of self development through the lens of being a digital business consultant. Show notes Hello, for anyone who doesn’t know me my name is Dene and I’m a web designer/developer from DG web consultancy. The spelling of my name is a bit weird, […]

19 – … and relax.

In this episode Dene and Matt talk about mental health when it comes to craft, we looked at the responses we received to a question we had on the Bonfire Banter Podcast Facebook page where we asked “What do you do to calm yourself down where you are stressed or suffering with anxiety?”