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Two friends talking banter about print, our journey of running a business and random distractions.

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Dene GibsonDene Gibson
Megan LeymanMegan Leyman



Christmas special 2020

For this year’s Christmas Special we are joined by Corrine West of Corrine West Media, a photographer and paranormal investigator (listen to our Halloween special to find more about that)!
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47 – Get to know more about SEO with this ep!

his episode features Jen of SEM Help who helps anyone with their SEO problems. If you have ever thought of any questions regarding SEO, I highly recommend giving this episode a listen because Dene asks those questions (while Megan listens, she is actually quiet for once!) and it gets that informative that we will be splitting the episode we recorded for this into 2 parts (part 2 will go live early Jan 2021) so not to overload your brain with awesome SEO knowledge!
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46 – The Freshness!

We have another guest who has never been on a podcast before which we are honoured about, as you will see it will take a while to get to what our guest does but Jen runs SEM Help, who helps with SEO!
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