Bonfire Banter

Two friends talking banter about print, our journey of running a business and random distractions.

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  • 36 – Questions From the mysterious red box
    Megan brings out a mysterious wooden red box, which contains some interesting and creative questions that we answer.
  • 35 – General blog
    We talk about blogging with our third guest on the podcast, Katie from Dotty and Dash. This is after Megan and Katie briefly talk about Animal Crossing, sorry Dene!
  • 34 – Insta houses
    Dene and Megan talk with our guest on the podcast, Katie from Dotty and Dash about how she copes with social media. We go into what advice can she give.. you might be in for a surprise on what she says!
  • 33 – Prince or prints
    After starting the episode briefly talking about the artist formally known as Prince, Megan has a chat with Katie about prints where one does physical while the other does digital.
  • 32 – Strength to strength to strength
    Megan and Dene have the amazing Katie from Dotty and Dash as a guest on this weeks episode! Our third guest on the podcast reveals the origins of her business Dotty and Dash, which links to Megan but you have to listen to the episode to find out more and what Katie has been up ...
  • 31 – I am many things
    Dene and Megan end the 4 part saga of talking about social media, with them trying to be hip & trendy by talking about Tik Tok & Snapchat when it comes to craft and business!
  • 30 – Get your pen & paper ready
    Dene and Megan continue to talk about social media (part 3 of 4) with Dene telling us what is essential for running more than 1 social media account, such as cross posting.
  • 29 – The principles you should know
    We continue the subject of social media in part 2 of 4! Dene shares the important principles you need to know about managing social media, such as brand awareness and more.
  • 28 – Social media madness
    In this episode we revisit managing social media.
  • 27 – Make sure you’ve your trousers on!
    Megan and Dene talk about broadcasting online, which has got up in such huge popularity while we’re in lockdown. We go into the huge variety of platforms you can choose from, no matter if it’s through your PC, Tablet or Phone. There is Pros and Cons to broadcasting yourself online which Dene and Megan go ...
  • 26 – Arting around with masks
    Dene and Megan talk about a recent article which involves who stockpiled medical resources for her Art. It’s a topic that generated a lot of interesting responses which we gathered and shared from Twitter and Facebook, give this episode a listen to find what people have said!
  • 25 – Crafternoons or Pantaloons
    We talk about why craft is a great way to keep your mental health up in our current situation, going into a variety of crafty activities, somehow getting into being creative with noodles.
  • 24 – Our current situation …
    In this episode we talk about our current situation.
  • 23 – Totes not self promotional …
    In this episode we talk about tote bags, the benefits of using them and about inspiration from our Japan trip!
  • Pre-show for episode 23
    We talk about our visit to Japan.
  • 22 – Taking care of business
    In this episode we talk about taking care of mental health within a business.
  • 21 – No longer a taboo
    In this episode Dene and Matt about the business side when it comes to mental health (a follow up to episode 19 & 20). Dene gives his advice on how to improve your mental health in a business environment.
  • 20 – Craft with benefits
    In this episode Dene and Matt continue to talk about mental health when it comes to craft.
  • 19 – … and relax.
    In this episode Dene and Matt talk about mental health when it comes to craft, we looked at the responses we received to a question we had on the Bonfire Banter Podcast Facebook page where we asked “What do you do to calm yourself down where you are stressed or suffering with anxiety?”
  • 18 – Allow me to reintroduce myself
    In this episode Dene and Matt re-introduce themselves, talk about responses we’ve got from previous episodes & discuss our new format that you will from episode 19!