The Pinnacle Mindset

A collaboration between Dodger 7s and Marshalling Men’s Minds, the topics on each show will hopefully help people to understand the complexities of mental health and the others to come to terms something they may be experiencing.

Getting people in a “pinnacle mindset” is our aim and we hope you can come along for the journey.

The Pinnacle Mindset Talk Show is all about raising awareness of a wide variety of mental health issues that people experience in society.

Regular Hosts

  • Nick Marshall
  • Heather Boldon
  • Robbie Bouchier


Dom Hardman



11 – Dan Hancock

This week, Sophie spoke with the Mental Health PT, Dan Hancock. They talked all things about body positivity, social media and mental health.
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10 – Steve Grainger

On today’s show Sophie spoke with Steve Grainger to discuss all things rugby. They discussed how rugby has changed, the importance of the rugby community and much more.
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9 – Sophie Dodd

This week’s episode is with our new host Sophie Dodd, the founder of Mental Health In Sport CIC. She discussed all things her journey through swimming, why she set up her company and what she wants to see for the future of all sports.
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